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SELECT A.ads_id, A.ads_title, A.ads_title_latin, A.ads_preview, A.ads_image, A.ads_start_date, A.ads_isvip, A.ads_type, A.ads_hits, C.category_title_latin, P.province_name, PA.package_name, PA.package_icon FROM raovat_ads AS A LEFT JOIN raovat_categories AS C ON(C.category_id = A.category_id) LEFT JOIN raovat_provinces AS P ON(P.province_id = A.province_id) LEFT JOIN raovat_packages_using AS PU ON(PU.user_id = A.user_id) LEFT JOIN raovat_packages AS PA ON(PA.package_id = PU.package_id) WHERE A.ads_enabled = 1 AND A.ads_id NOT IN(15278,18371) ORDER BY A.ads_start_date DESC LIMIT 60
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